Lohan admits having eating disorders
Sunday, October 29, 2006
Lindsay Lohan has admitted to suffering from eating disorders and thinking she was going to die because it caused her so much pain.

She told the News of the World that she was both anorexic and bulimic in between 2004 and 2005: “I was making myself sick. Sometimes being that thin doesn’t look healthy. I kind of didn’t realise that.”

“One time when someone asked me if I was OK I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem and just could not admit it.”

“My arms were disgusting. I had no arms. I had people sit me down and say, ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself’.”

She spoke in particularly about a crisis point one night in 2004, when she was 18: “I felt so sick. I lay down on the bed and started getting these shooting pains. I was screaming, throwing things, because the pains were so intense in my head.”

“I ended up in hospital. My liver was swollen and I had a kidney infection and my white blood cells were accelerated. I was really, really white, like a ghost, and my legs were so numb from not walking. My body did not have enough strength to take a shower.”

“I feel like I’ve lived five lifetimes and I am only 20.”

“You have to hit rock bottom sometimes to get yourself back to the top.”

“I feel great about my body now. When I was in hospital, I was overworked and stressed out and that’s when they started talking about my weight.”

“Now I am comfortable in my own skin and I like having a shape and having breasts the size they are.”

Now Nicole Richie needs to admit she also has an eating disorder...

When Nicole and Lindsay began hanging out, both of them all of sudden dropped alot of weight. Nicole must still be struggling with a disorder and cannot admit it!

Nicole was recently spotted heading into a clinic, but denies being treated for an eating disorder. Richie's people say she was seeing a nutritionist. She is not sure why she cannot gain weight.

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Celeb Halloween Pics: Paris, Lindsay...
Check out the Halloween get-ups worn by Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan...

Lindsay must have been leaving a Halloween pajama party last night! Still looking sexy.

Paris as a female cop. Got any plants stashed away misses police officer??

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Jessica Simpson addicted to flirting on MySpace
Saturday, October 28, 2006
Jessica Simpson has reportedly set up a fake MySpace page to help her meet men because she thinks her high-profile puts off potential boyfriends, who want to protect their own careers.

A source told More magazine Jessica turned to the internet after splitting up from her infamous relationship with John Mayer: “After she split up with John, she set up a MySpace page to meet new people. She did it in a fake name but got really into it. She’s totally addicted. Whenever she’s at home, she’s on her laptop.”

“Jessica loves the idea she can use the internet to look for a man who’s interested in her personality. She pretends to be this shy Texan girl.”

Jessica has previously admitted enjoying phone sex: “I definitely have fun with late-night phone conversations but I’m keeping that private.”



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K-fed most underrated in rap
Kevin Federline has revealed that he believes he is the most underrated performer in rap music today.

K-Fed, who is set to release his debut album ‘Playing with Fire’ next week, told Entertainment Weekly that he believes he is “the most talked-about [person] of anyone over the last couple of years” and when asked about the most underrated performer, he paused for a few seconds then simply replied “me”.

Wife Britney Spears clearly thinks it too and she’s thrown the support of her fan mailing list behind promoting the album. She offered those signed up to her mailing list the chance to buy the album through his website, and the first 500 orders would receive an autographed picture of Kevin himself.

In other K-Fed news...

.Kevin Federline has revealed he’s secure enough in his masculinity that he can buy women’s sanitary products without embarrassment. The father of four revealed recently: “I used to be embarrassed to go to the store and buy tampons, but that’s past tense. Once you make it through that, then you’re good.”

.K-Fed's album is coming out next week. But if you can't wait until then you can listen to the entire album right now, exclusively on AOL Music. If you love the album enough to buy it, the CD hits stores October 31.

.Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline have named their new baby boy - Jayden James Federline.

.Britney likes to keep hubby Kevin Federline awake late at night for chit chat. He says, "My wife likes to wake me up at 2am and have conversations. She's like poking at me, 'Baby, can we go to dinner tomorrow?'" Meanwhile, Federline admits some of his wife's favourite TV shows are rubbing off on him - like reality TV show America's Next Top Model.

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Hilary Duff On Set: War Inc.
Hilary Duff on the set of her new film, War Inc.

I'm hearing reports that the movie title has been changed to "Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens". Not sure as to the truth on that, but we'll see.

Wikipedia changed it to Brand Hauser too. From Wikipedia.com...

Brand Hauser is a dark political satire Starring John Cusack and Hilary Duff. Cusack co-wrote and will produce the film which will be directed by Josh Seftel. It was, at the start of rumors, known as War Inc.

Cusack plays an assassin assigned to kill a Middle East oil minister. His cover is that he's producing a large trade show that includes a wedding between a local pop star and a politician, but complications ensue. The film, which also stars Marisa Tomei and Cusack's sister Joan Cusack, is currently filming in Bulgaria, and is due for release late 2007.

More on set hilary Pics: http://www.hilarynews.com/2006/10/27/hilary-on-war-inc-set/



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Lauren and Brody bring Nicole Richie to tears
Saturday, October 21, 2006
Nicole Richie showed up for an event party at LA hot spot Area last night.

Some other great celebs were on hand at the party as well including ex-beau Brody Jenner, his new girlfriend, Lauren Conrad, and another ex-beau of Nic's, Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein. What a cooincidence the love triangle bunch all ended up in the same room!

Richie arrived to the party some time after 10:00 with some girlfriends having her back...and she was doing fine for a minute. She was doing fine until Lauren, "LC", was getting a little to friendly with Brody in front of her. An eyewitness says LC's "in-your-face-friendliness" was just too much for her.

Good thing her ex and good pal DJ AM was there to make everything better for her. Nicole hung out with him at the booth where he was spinning and they whispered to eachother...whatever was said made Nicole all smiles when she left the booth and headed for the dance floor.

So, Lauren and Brody's public display of affection right in Nic's face did'nt get the best of her thanks to Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein.

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Angelina and Shiloh spotted in India
Friday, October 20, 2006
Angelina Jolie and 4 1/2 month old Shiloh Jolie Pitt were spotted earlier today in Pune, India.

Angelina carries the baby with a blanket covering the majority of her body. However, you can get a tiny glimpse of Shiloh's face.

Meanwhile Angelina's security officer was snapped carrying Zahara Jolie Pitt with a blanket covering her as well.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt have reportedly been in Jaipur in the past few days, relaxing after two weeks of hard work on A Mighty Heart.



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Katie To Say "I Do" In Giorgio Armani
Rumour has it, famed fashion designer Giorgio Armani will design not just one, but five dresses, for Katie Holmes upcoming wedding to Tom Cruise.

Although no official wedding date has been announced, media reports have suggested the couple will marry in Italy sometime next month.

Rod Manley, Director Of Public Relations And Media Planning for Armani tells American publication Us Weekly, "I can confirm that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked Giorgio Armani to design their official wedding attire for their upcoming marriage."

The spokesman added that an Armani photographer will be taking pictures at the wedding, along with photographers hired by Cruise.

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Brody Confirms Relationship With Lauren Conrad
Guess model, Brody Jenner, and former 'Laguna Beach' star, Lauren Conrad, are definately an item it seems.

They both talked with People and here's what they had to say:

"I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other, we're having a great time with it," Jenner tells TEEN PEOPLE. "She's an amazing girl. That's all there is to say. She's fun to be around. She's sweet. She's kind. There's nothing bad to say about her."

Conrad, for her part, was more coy: "He's a nice guy."

Seeing each other and dating mean the same damn thing!

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Brody and Lauren spotted again
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad were spotted together once or twice before and now they've been spotted together again...sparking more romantic rumours.

Lauren and Brody were spotted together at Les Deux for the 944 Magazine party where Matt Sorum launched Sorum-Noce Couture Clothing.

Brody sure moved on to another relationship quickly after splitting from his ex, Nicole Richie. He finally opened up about the breakup.

He told Star magazine: "It was getting too serious. We started fighting. There was too much bickering."

He also explained one of the reasons they started dating in first place, adding: "She lived above me, you know, in the apartment building. So it was convenient."

"I've known her since we were kids and I really just wanted to be friends. She's a great girl and now we are good friends."

Nicole has apparantly moved on as well. Ritchie, 25, was recently seen on the arm of fashion editor, Samuel Plouchart.

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Danity Kane: 'Show Stopper'
Diddy's hot girl band, Danity Kane, from the hit show "Making the Band 3" are doing well with their first single 'Show Stopper'.

In the United States, 'Show Stopper' peaked at #8 on the official Billboard Hot 100 chart. Outside the U.S. the song will receive its official release on October 20, 2006.

The girl band quintet consists of Aubrey Morgan O'Day, D. Woods, Shannon Rae Bex, Dawn Angelique Richard, and Aundrea Aurora Fimbres.

Mr. Combs other bands from seasons one and two of "Making the Band" seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. One Hit Wonders maybe?? Hopefully Danity Kane does not follow in their footsteps and they go on to record hit after hit!!

Wake up with Danity Kane tomorrow morning and catch them performing their hit single 'Show Stopper' on Live with Regis and Kelly. Tune in tomorrow, 10/19 at 9am EST on ABC!

Then catch them as they hit NBC's The Today Show Friday 10/20 at 7am EST. If you're in the NYC area be sure to see the girls live! Stop by The Today Show studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on 49th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.

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Spears Loses 26 Pounds
Superstar and mother-of-two, Britney Spears, has reportedly lost about 26 lbs.

britney spears

Britney gained about 40 lbs. while pregnant with her two sons, Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce. She went from about 120 lbs. before the two preganancies to about 160 lbs. And now she's ready to get back into shape...gotta look good at her hubbys album release party, right?

Brit's baby daddy, Kevin Federline, is looking to throw a Halloween Party at nightclub Xenii for his record release and that would be the perfect time for Brit to showcase her slimmer body.

To get that slimmer body, Britney has reportedly taken the healthy route. No gimmicky or crash diets and absolutely no surgery to get rid of the excess fat.

She is working out atleast 5 - 6 days a week, eating many mini-meals and cutting out white flour and replacing it with whole grain foods. Kevin is very supportive of her aim at getting skinnier the healthy way and loves the way her body looks.

Britney's on her way back to being a sexy mama!!

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Lohan: "The Best Time Of Our Lives"
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Actress Lindsey Lohan has reportedly signed up to appear in forthcoming film "The Best Time of Our Lives" with Keira Knightley.

The film is about the relationship between Thomas, his wife and his wife’s childhood friend - to be played by Lindsay and Keira respectively.

Lindsay told MTV: “Keira[’s character] is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my [character] and there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone.”



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Johansson Signs Record Deal
Monday, October 16, 2006
Lost in Translation star Scarlett Johansson has signed a deal to make her first record, Scarlett Sings Tom Waits, according to media reports.

The album is being recorded at the moment and sessions will continue through the winter, with a possible release next spring from Rhino Records' currently reactivated Atco label.

According to Fox News, the 21-year-old is recording a whole album of songs by premier singer/songwriter Waits.

Sources says the eventual release date will be coordinated to coincide with Johansson's movie schedule.



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Evan Rachel Wood: "Running With Scissors"
Actress Evan Rachel Wood(whom you might recognize from Greenday's music video) plays Natalie Finch, a messed up high school kid from the 1970s, in the new film "Running With Scisors."

Wood, who rocketed to attention with her searing role in the indie hit "Thirteen,” was a perfect match for Natalie’s unusual blend of vivaciousness, secretiveness and fears of truly breaking away. Wood felt an affinity with Natalie, who she sees as being trapped between devotion to her family, no matter how crazy they are, and a burning need to forge her own identity.

Evan Rachel Wood initially responded to the raw unfiltered emotions of Ryan Murphy’s screenplay. "I love brutally honest scripts and I love material that no one has ever seen before and I really don’t think that anybody has ever seen a story quite like this one,” she says.

Snippets from a recent interview:

- "It was fun. I definitely have a whole new appreciation for the 70’s and for 70’s fashion and the music and all of that. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with that, and hair and makeup had a lot of fun with me (laughter) because I was the one they just totally let loose on."

- "Everyday I’d come to work and there would be a rack of clothes and we would just go through it."

- "It was just really open and everybody was really relaxed and laid back and Ryan Murphy is the most well dressed director I ever worked for. He always looked so cool on set with his white sun glasses and his jackets."

- "It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it changed my life. It was also the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I can’t even explain it. Just really, really special and just meant so much to everybody. I mean The Beatles mean so much to so many people, you know. Everybody has at least one song of The Beatles that’s one of their favorite songs of all time."

Evan Rachel Wood recently finished production on "King of California,” with Michael Douglas. In August, she started production on Vadim Perelman’s "In Bloom,” with Uma Thurman. In 2007, Wood can be seen starring in Julie Taymor’s highly anticipated musical film, "Across the Universe.”

"Running with Scissors” opens in theaters on October 20th.



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Lohan Served Summons On Red Carpet
Actress Lindsey Lohan was visibly shocked to receive a court summons while she walked down the red carpet to a party in Beverly Hills recently.

She was handed the piece of paper at the party and assumed it was a request from a fan - but was shocked when she discovered the true nature of the document, ordering her to attend court as part of the theft and fraud case against her mother Dina in relation to a 2002 music deal of Lindsay’s.

An onlooker revealed: “Lindsay was absolutely horrified and threw the papers on the ground.”



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Jay-Z Offers Album Free of Charge
Sunday, October 15, 2006
Rapper Jay-Z has literally taken the promotion of his return album, Kingdom Come, to the next level.

As a way of rewarding fans that purchase a premiere week package for the New Jersey Nets, Jay-Z is offering each purchaser a free copy of his album, which is currently set to hit stores on November 21, 2006.

In addition, Jay-Z will personally hand-sign 100 copies of the CDs, which will be randomly distributed.

This offer consists of tickets to the first three Nets home games for the upcoming season, including the electrifying match-up against Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal and the NBA champion Miami Heat on Friday, November 10. The ticket package begins at $85.

Jay-Z commented on the offer, saying "I'm excited about this package as it combines two of my passions: music and the Nets. This is a great opportunity for our fans to see our first three games of the season and to get my new CD as soon as it hits the market."

Fans can buy the ticket package by calling 1-800-7NJ-NETS or by logging on to www.njnets.com.

Sweet Deal!



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Brooke Hogan's "Prom" Invite Revoked
Saturday, October 14, 2006
Apparently, Brooke Hogan doesn't always know best.

Brooke, Hulk Hogan's daughter, has been bounced from the cover of the upcoming annual edition of Prom magazine due to her scantily-clad appearance on the cover of another publication.

After Hogan posed for FHM's November issue wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, the teen-focused mag elected to drop her from its cover, stating it felt her image was not appropriate for the Prom audience.

"We don't feel up to taking thousands of telephone calls from the upset mothers of our young promers," spokesman Aaron Bernick said in a statement.

The magazine said that Ashley Tisdale will step in for Hogan, but that the switch would push back its November deadline and delay publication until January 2007.

A rep for Hogan accused the magazine of trying to draw attention to the upcoming issue by creating controversy.

"Clearly, Prom is attempting to publicize their magazine by stirring up controversy over photos of Brooke that they took more than a year ago," Hogan's rep said in a statement to E! Online. "Looks like they are trying to up their circulation."

Though she won't be the cover girl, a feature on Hogan will still appear in the magazine's pages.

Meanwhile, Hogan, along with her family, will return to VH1 on Oct. 22 for the third season of Hogan Knows Best, which will feature the blond-and-tan clan's struggle to adapt to their new home in Miami.

The season will also focus on Hogan's career as an aspiring recording artist, and coincides with the release of her first album on Oct. 24.

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K-Fed "secretly terrified" about Britney Spears comeback
Just a month after giving birth to her second child, Britney Spears is already reportedly planning her first video as part of her comeback campaign - and husband Kevin Federline is not happy about it.

Spears reportedly hired a dancer, Matt Felker, to appear alongside her in the promo but former dancer K-Fed “insisted that Britney fire Matt and all of the other male dancers she’d hired and replace them with females.”

A source told In Touch Weekly that Kevin is “surprisingly insecure and secretly terrified” Spears will divorce him if her comeback is successful and so he’s trying to thwart her attempts.

The source added: “Kevin doesn’t want Britney to be making sexy moves again. He’s even telling her she doesn’t need to lose all of her pregnancy weight.”

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Jessica Simpson: Turned Down For Dallas 2x
Friday, October 13, 2006
Jessica Simpson has revealed that she was turned down for two roles in the big screen remake of Dallas, which she found embarrassing but not all that surprising.

Jessica, who starred in last year’s Dukes of Hazzard remake, explained recently that while singing feels natural to her, she finds acting a lot harder: “I never thought I would see myself on the big screen. That, to me, was something so unreachable.”

For Dallas, she first auditioned for the role of Lucy Ewing but she “couldn’t really pull it off…”

“They wanted me to come back for Pam [Ewing]. They saw me as something more mature, and as a woman.”

“I really thought I nailed it and had a chemistry read with Luke Wilson, who is playing Bobby.”

“All of a sudden I get a call: not Pam. Everyone was saying I was going to be in Dallas, and I didn’t get the part. I did not get it. How embarrassing is that?”



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John Mayer: No 'Superfly'
John Mayer is in trouble with the family of the late Curtis Mayfield.

Kirk Mayfield, the late R&B great’s son, wants Mayer put on notice publicly. The singer’s latest single, “Waiting on the World to Change,” Mayfield believes, is uncomfortably close sounding to his father’s classic, “We’re a Winner.”

Indeed, one listen to “Waiting” and it’s pretty obvious that the music is pure Mayfield. Even Mayer’s performance of it sounds like Curtis, who was famous for “Superfly,” “I’m So Proud,” “People Get Ready” and many other classic songs.

Of course, this kind of thing seems to be happening a lot lately. I told you last week that John Legend lifted the music from “Stormy,” by the Classics IV, changed the lyrics and pretended he wrote a new song called “Save Room.”

This used to be called plagiarism. Now it’s called “sampling.”

Mayfield, I’m told, is also listening closely to the new Legend album, which may contain a sample of his father’s work.

But Mayer, at least, hasn’t contacted the Mayfield estate for use of “We’re a Winner.” That, says Kirk Mayfield, won’t be tolerated.



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Brooke Hogan Interview: Talks Aaron Carter, Paul Wall...
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
In a recent interview Brooke Hogan was asked if friend Aaron Carter was thrown out of her house by her father, Hulk Hogan.

Brooke said, "Oh yeah! [Aaron] tried to date me and my dad kind of saw right through him and he was like, "No dude. You are definitely not hanging out here." But Aaron's a really cool kid. Aaron's really, really nice and he's a really cool guy."

When asked if Aaron tried to ask her out, Brooke said, "Yeah, we met at an airport and we started hanging out and stuff, and when he came over to my house, my dad was like, "Absolutely not!"

Some other quotes from the interview:

- "On iTunes on September 26th you can buy the album(Undiscovered). If you want a sneak peak and you don't care about the pictures inside the album and you just want the music. So that's iTunes on the 26th of September. And then the actual album with all the pictures and lyrics and merchandise pages and stuff, comes out on October 24th."

- "I did a photo shoot for FHM, a little racy but we kept it tasteful. I didn't do anything racy but it's a racy magazine. I have the cover for FHM coming out in November."

- "Meanwhile Paul Wall and my dad are talking about wrestling and laughing and stuff and Scott Storch was in there on the beat for "About Us." Paul was like, "Man, who is this singing, and what is this song?" He goes, "That's a really hot beat!" And my dad says, "That's my daughter." So he goes, "No kidding! Yo, can I be on it?!" (laughs) So he started writing the song on his sidekick, and when I walked back in to record again, Paul Wall was recording in the booth, on my song. I was like, "You gotta be kidding me!"

- "L.A. and New York I feel like are kind of getting washed up, in the music part. New York I think is more for, like, the modeling and fashion and publicity and stuff… it's great for that. L.A. is good for, more like, rock music."



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Celebrity News And Gossip Snippets...
Jessica Simpson has decided to keep her big mouth shut about her romantic relationships and speaks about her relationship with John Mayer. "I adore John Mayer...[USA Today]
(TMZ.com recently reported seeing the twosome hooking back up. Guess they'll date on the downlow!)

Kevin Federline to throw a Halloween Party at nightclub Xenii for his record release. Wife Britney Spears finally gets a chance to party with her hubby too, despite reports the two will divorce and Kevin will bank 10 MIL. Your chance to win a trip to this party by pre-ordering K-Fed's CD "Playing With Fire" from his online store. 2nd Prize is Kevin's...[Janet Charlton's]

Jessica Simpson and father, Joe Simpson, to teaum up and open Hooter's-like restaurant possibly called 'Daisy Dukes', named for the role she took in 'Dukes of Hazzard'...[Life&Style]

Scarlett Johansson thinks boyfriend, Josh Hartnett, is a great person and a "good boy". She talks about her image, about people being irresponsible with HIV and STD tests and...[People]

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Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Spotted Together; Friends Again?
Monday, October 09, 2006
Former best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie seem to have called an end to their feud. The Simple Life stars caused a flurry of flashbulbs when they arrived in Hilton's Range Rover at Dan Tana's Steakhouse in West Hollywood Sunday night.

Video cameras for the website TMZ.com captured the pair's unexpected joint entrance and later exit. While waiting for the valet to return with Paris's SUV, the two ladies sat quietly at a nearby bench and texted as the paparazzi bombed them with questions about their apparent truce. Still, the twosome seemed to be enjoying each other's company and were smiling as they drove off together.

I am speechless!!

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Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer: haunted in real life!
According to the star of 'Ghost Whisperer', Jennifer Love Hewitt, the drama set is haunted, and those on the other side are making no secret about it to the cast and crew.

Jennifer plays a woman who can contact the dead and believes some of these spooky spirits are lurking around in real life too. Suddenly, she says, lights will flash and shatter right before your very eyes.

She told new talk show host Megan Mullally, "We've had lights move, literally three and a half inches to the left, as you're sitting there the lights move. We've had lights burst over actors' heads when they're playing people who don't believe in ghosts. A light will burst into a million pieces right over them."

She says the not-so-friendly ghosts make people think twice about guest-starring on the show, but for the cast and crew there is simply nothing to worry about. They actually find all the spookiness and fright entertaining.

She added, "People are like, 'We're not guest-starring on that show!' But for us as a crew we're kind of like, 'Awesome! Maybe they (the ghosts) are with us.'"



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President Bush Outraged: Paris Hilton's Drug Stash
Celebutante Paris Hilton has brought down the wrath of President George W. Bush after her makeup kit was photographed holding what appeared to be a baggie of marijuana.

"We cannot have role models like Ms. Hilton flaunting the drug laws of our allies in the war against terrorism," said Mr. Bush, noting that earlier this year Italy had approved a law that not only increases sanctions against people who smoke marijuana but also puts the drug on a par with cocaine and heroin.

"Ms. Hilton will have more than the pavorattis waiting for her the next time she visits a rap club," the president added.

Paris's publicist, Elliot Mintz, said there were any number of "perfectly reasonable" explanations for the presence of the baggie in Hilton's bag.

"Maybe she had a prescription for medical marijuana from her doctor," said Mr. Mintz. "Maybe Shanna Moakler or Zeta Graff put it there. Or maybe Paris brought it with her from Amsterdam, where pot is legal."

Paris loves the chronic!



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Lohan's Mom: Crush On George Clooney
Lindsay Lohan's mom has revealed she has set her sights on George Clooney.

Dina Lohan recently revealed that she would love to date charming actor George Clooney.

Divorced Dina has said that he’s the only man for her and commented: "For every woman in America, he's the first choice. He's a gentleman. He's kept this class about him."

Meanwhile George had his own thoughts on who he might be dating next.

"I want to spend every single night for three months going out with a different famous actress - HALLE BERRY one night, SALMA HAYEK the next - and then walk on the beach holding hands with LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

"People would still buy the magazines, they'd still buy the pictures, but they would always go, 'I don't know if these guys were putting us on or not'."



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Evanescence Amy Lee On Ben Moody's Departure
Sunday, October 08, 2006
Though Evanescence frontwoman, Amy Lee, has dealt with many hardships, she seems to be affected most by the sudden departure of Evanescence's co-founder - guitarist/songwriter and former boyfriend Ben Moody, someone she calls "toxic."

"Ben leaving the band was a really good thing, actually, because I felt like the band was going to die if he stayed in it," Lee said recently in an interview at a Toronto hotel."

"Ben was becoming very unhappy and going through personal things that I don't think had anything to do with the band," says Lee. "He was making everything miserable for everyone. For a while there I thought, 'Oh God, this band is just going to dissipate, Ben is going to bring us all down.'"

"It just got to the point where he hated the band, he hated being on tour and his negativity made everyone around him miserable. He was trying to pull the whole ship down with him."

Amy says she refused to let that happen. With Ben's departure, she has regained a creative freedom she lost somewhere along the way.

"When he left I felt like I could become a new person," says Lee.

"At one point, all my piano-playing rights were stripped away from me because Ben felt like I was getting too much attention, so we hired a keyboard player," Lee said. "But now, on the new album, it's my turn to be the main writer and piano player again.

"I really wanted to make it better than ever, and for me that means incorporating a lot of my natural, classical influence into the music. The writing of this record was the best process of my life because I had free reign. I could do whatever I wanted without being judged or being told it's stupid."

Many are wondering if Ben and Amy are friends...

"We're not friends, we do not talk. Sometimes it's much, much healthier to just walk away. I know as much about what he does as everyone else does from the news. I think he's writing music for people, mostly pop stars, which is cool, I guess. ... I think it shows the artistic clash between us, where he wanted to pull the music into something commercial, and I wanted to be more innovative and try something more artistic."

With Moody gone, Lee says she knows people will be listening to see if the band still has what it takes. But the 24-year-old rocker couldn't care less about criticism.

"This new album is far better than the first. The first did really well, and that's wonderful -- but this is about a piece of work, hands down, and I really feel confident in it and I don't care what people think."

Lee wrote Fallen between the ages of 15 and 21. At the time, she didn't feel comfortable sharing all of her feelings, especially the positive ones. "I was only sharing part of myself on Fallen, the gloom and doom and the torment and pain -- things I needed to say back then," says Lee. "I'm in a different place now, my writing has become more broad. This album is stronger and more empowering. I've grown up and I know it's not the end of the world anymore."

'The Open Door' hit stores recently. The 14-track CD sounds similar to its predecessor: haunting melodies mixed with hard-rock guitars and drums. But it also reveals subtle differences in the band's music. Although still heavy in sound and laden with metal-toned guitars and drums, 'The Open Door' draws on classical choral arrangements (all done by Lee) and is backed by the gothic strains of the Millennium Choir.



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Paris Hilton: Marijuana Cannabis Handbag Stash
Reality star Paris Hilton is under fire after being snapped with what appears to be a sachet of green leaves (marijuana) in her make-up bag.

The 25-year-old blonde moron was pictured messing around with her make-up bag at a fashion show and the little baggie containing the plant(weed, ganja, mary jane) could be seen amongst her lipstick and other junk.

An onlooker tells the newspaper, "She didn't really care if anyone saw it. Paris had her bag open for quite a while as she applied lip gloss. "There were a few shocked faces around her but she carried on chatting away."

Hilton's publicist ELLIOT MINTZ says, "Things are not always as they appear. It would be unfair to draw any conclusions based solely on these photos."

In June Paris Hilton was seen smoking what appeared to be a fat ass joint outside a Los Angeles nightclub. Then, in the same month, she was spotted smoking what appeared to be cannabis at a party in Miami hosted by rap mogul P Diddy.

Paris just needs to admit she's a big pothead...that would explain the missing brain cells!! Paris loves the chronic!



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Lohan: Likely No-Show Kids' Choice Awards
It's highly unlikely Lindsay Lohan will show up to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards in Sydney on Wednesday night, but even if she does make it to Australia, organisers behind the scenes are describing the negotiations as a debacle.

"That woman, you could tear your hair out with her," a source close to the events team said last week.

"We finally pulled the plug on her, so we're progressing without her in place," she said. "But I guess we can't really say either way, because if we get a last-minute phone call, it's not as though we're going to say no."

The Kids' Choice management team had set a final deadline for Lindsay to agree to a contract by Thursday of last week, but Lohan's management had not responded to the deadline.

"No contracts were signed by our final deadline," said the source. "It's so hard to know what's actually happening."

Meanwhile, organisers are relying on local stars including Sophie Monk, Guy Sebastian and Ian Thorpe for the event, which is aimed squarely at kids and tween audiences. The awards, which will be broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel (on pay TV) will be held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Source: The Sun-Herald



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Paris Hilton: Enjoying Being Single
Saturday, October 07, 2006
Paris Hilton claims she's single and loving it!

Lately miss Hilton has been linked to both Travis Barker and Andy Roddick. However, she claims she is not dating anyone at this time.

Paris told LuxeLife: "There’s no serious dating anybody at the moment. I’m flying fancy free and enjoying being single and solo."

"It’s a time for me to have a lot of friends and not get tied down with somebody serious."

OK, so like I said before....she's just spreading herself and her body amongst as many men as she possibly can! Why stick with one guy when she can play with many. And if she's not sleeping with any of them, then maybe she has a blow-up doll to play with as well, so she can be a huge tease with the fellas.



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Jessica Simpson Most Over-Exposed Celeb
Friday, October 06, 2006
According to a new survey published by Forbes.com, Jessica Simpson is the most over-exposed celeb.

Simpson tops the list of over-exposed celebrities the public would like to see much much LESS of.

The E-Poll Market Research published by Forbes' said Simpson's "overexposed" score went from 17 percent in September 2003 to 41 percent in mid-2006.

Other stars the public would reportedly like to see less of include Tom Cruise, Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline.



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Portman Poses In Hepburn‘s Black Dress
Natalie Portman, wearing the iconic black column dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961's "Breakfast at Tiffany's," graces the cover of the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar.

"I did feel very elegant suddenly," Portman tells the magazine. "I mean, you can't possibly measure up to Audrey Hepburn; there's no comparison. But the elegance that she exuded was transmitted to the dress, you know, the feeling, the emotion of it."

The dress, one of 3 versions made for the 1961 movie, will be sold to the highest bidder on December 5th at Christie's auction house in London. It's expected to fetch as much as $130,000.

Portman did not think she was small enough to fit in the dress, but by seeing the cover of the mag, it's clear it all worked out.

"I was so nervous that I wasn't going to fit," Portman says. "Everyone kept telling me how small it was, and I'm not the type who can starve myself. I'm small, but it's not like I'm see-through."



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50 Cent Call Oprah "White Woman"
50 Cent has once again decided to pick a fight!

In an exclusive interview while backstage at '106 & Park' last Thursday, the rapper said, "Oprah’s great. I just think the only misconception is that she’s a black woman. They say Oprah Winfrey’s a black woman, but she’s [been] catering to a demographic of a middle-aged white woman for so long that I believe she’s a middle-aged white woman."

50 Cent must still be bitter from Oprah refusing to have certain rappers on her show.

"Oprah will have a rapist on her show and have a discussion about why they do it, but won't have a rags to riches story on her show," fiddy said.

Then he went after Kanye West. "She’ll have Kanye West on her show. I think Middle America would rather have their kids be gay, than have them aggressive," he said.




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Kirsten Dunst Understands Boos
Kirsten Dunst understands why fans booed her new movie 'Marie Antoinette'.

The 'Spider-Man' actress insists she wasn't offended when the movie got a lukewarm response from French critics when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year because fans and critics were entitled to be upset.

"I didn't take it to heart," Dunst says in an interview in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. "How would we feel about the French doing a movie about George Washington with French actors?"

Sofia Coppola's costume drama with modern trappings opens in U.S. theaters Oct. 20th.



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Kristin Cavallari: New Laguna Beach Cast A Joke
The beautiful reality star and soon to be Revenge Of The Nerds star, Kristin Cavallari, recently revealed she's not too fond of the new cast of the MTV hit show, "Laguna Beach".

kristin cavallari

According to IMDB.com, she said, "I've watched the first few episodes, but I don't think I'll be watching it again! It just seems like the new cast is trying too hard to be like us and they seem to be overly dramatic about every little thing, it's ridiculous. For us, the drama just came to us, but for them, it seems like they are the ones who go looking for it!"

She also says she would never come in contact with members of Season 3.

The 19-year-old said, "No way, I would have never been caught dead talking to freshmen!"

What a snob! Gotta love her.



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Hilary Duff And Lola To Star In "The Sims 2 Pets"
Thursday, October 05, 2006
Electronic Arts Inc. said on Thursday that the likenesses of actress and recording artist Hilary Duff and her pet Chihuahua Lola will make their video game debuts in "The Sims 2 Pets."

“I love creating Sims characters and guiding them through life, designing their houses, and then blinging them out with cool furniture. Now, in The Sims 2 Pets, EA has combined two things I really enjoy – pets and The Sims”, said multi-platinum, chart-topping recording artist, actress, fashion designer, and philanthropist Hilary Duff.

On 20 October, The Sims 2 Pets will be released for Sony PS2 and Nintendo GameCube, and as a PC expansion pack for The Sims 2. A Nintendo DS version will appear at the end of October. Hilary Duff’s appearance will only last until 31 December.

In Sony’s PS2 and the Nintendo GameCube, Hilary Duff and Lola will visit the Town Center, where players may run in to her and interact with her.

In the Nintendo DS version, players will find her Central Park, while she will be a fully playeable character in the PC expansion pack.

Versions for Game Boy Advance and for the PSP will follow in November and December, with a mobile version rounding out the package in December.



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Victoria Beckham And Katie Holmes Hit Paris
Wannabe fashion designer Victoria Beckham is treating new best friend Katie Holmes to a break from the babies in Paris.

Katie left for the French capital by private jet yesterday, leaving fiance Tom Cruise in charge of baby Suri. Victoria reportedly landed the pair front-row seats at this week’s fashion shows in the city and they will spend the rest of the time shopping and being pampered.

A friend of Katie's said of the pair: "They have been in touch every few days since Suri was born. Victoria though Katie could do with a couple of days of 'me' time to indulge herself. Katie is very excited about the trip."

The pair have been best pals since 2005.

Paparazzi will be sure to target this twosome much more if they continue hangin' out together in public.

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Nicole Richie And Brody Jenner Split
Looks like this whole Brody/Nicole hookup was just another publicity stunt...to keep Nicole in the spotlight.

Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner have ended their three month relationship, according to Richie's spokesperson - and the reality star insists they were "never really together."

Richie's rep confirmed the split to People magazine, saying, "Nicole and Brody are no longer dating, but remain friends."

The pair began seeing each other just weeks after Jenner, 23, ended his 18 month relationship with Kristin Cavallari and months after Richie, 25, broke up with Adam 'DJ Am' Goldstein.

On Wednesday, Richie posted a message on her MySpace.com website saying, "I know there are rumors regarding my 'break-up' with Brody Jenner.

"The truth is, we were never really together. We hung out, and he's a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity."

GIVE ME A BREAK! She always cries for publicity...remember the Steve-O publicity stunt???

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Hilary Duff: Finance Advice To Teens
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Singer/actress Hilary Duff has used the opportunity as guest editor of US magazine, Seventeen, to hand out financial advice.

Hilary, who turned 19 last week, recently edited the October 2006 issue of the teenage girls' magazine and she decided to issue guidelines on how to use credit cards.

She says, "So many of my friends have started getting credit cards, and the banks don't really tell you how this works, like 'Do this, but don't do that.'

"So it was important for me to put financial info in there, to let kids know that you have to pay attention to certain things and not fall into a trap.

"It's only been within the last two years that I started to get interested in my business and my money and how investments work. I had no clue before. But I've learned so much just sitting with my business manager."



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Paris Hilton vs. Shanna Moakler
Paris Hilton, who has lately been spotted cuddling up to former Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, and Barker's estranged wife, 'Dancing with the Stars' Shanna Moakler, both filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging they were assaulted at a Hollywood hot spot.

According to Officer Sandra Escalante of the Los Angeles Police Department, Paris told police that at approximately 1:30 a.m., she was the victim of assault at Hyde nightclub, after getting into an unprovoked scuffle with Shanna Moakler.

Hilton's publicist, Elliott Mintz, told TMZ.com, which first reported the incident, Hilton had arrived at Hyde approximately a half-hour earlier.

"Shortly after her arrival, apparently Shanna appeared and, according to a complaint that's just been filed, she struck Paris in her jaw with closed fists," he said. "Paris was hit. She immediately exited the club through the back door.

"Paris told me it was completely out of the blue--without any provocation whatsoever," he said, adding Moakler was "shouting all kinds of foul words" at Hilton "and appeared to be completely out of control."

Mintz and Hilton filed a complaint at the LAPD's Hollywood division--the same location, ironically enough, at which the "Stars Are Blind" singer herself was brought into last month on charges of driving under the influence.

The complaint was lodged just hours after Moakler, a former Miss USA, filed a police report at the same station, against Hilton's on-off ex, Stavros Niarchos.

Police said Shanna accused Stavros of battery, claiming he pushed her in the club. Moakler's publicist, Susan Madore, told the Associated Press the shipping heir, who witnessed the Hilton-Moakler altercation at Hyde, also bent her wrists back, poured a drink over Shanna's head and shoved her down some stairs.

Officers took photos of both Moakler and Hilton at the station, per TMZ.com, though it's unclear whether either had visible injuries.

Police say an investigation is pending. No arrests have yet been made, and no charges have been filed.

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Paris Hilton Dating Andy Roddick?
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Paris Hilton is rumoured to be dating tennis player Andy Roddick after being spotted with him twice in a week.

The two were spotted at the Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles last week and at the Tao and Pure club in Las Vegas over the weekend.

An onlooker at Pure told the Sun: “They were snuggling up to each other while drinking Grey Goose vodka and shots of Patron.”

“They were clearly a couple. She was very touchy-feely and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.”

“After a couple of hours they left together.”

Personally I think Paris is not dating any ONE guy. I think she is trying to spread herself across as many guys as possible. I mean, eventually people will lose interest in her and move on to hotter celebs...right?? So, she needs to make her moves while she's still a little hot!



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Brody Jenner Spotted With Lauren Conrad
Kristin Cavallari's ex, Brody Jenner, has been spotted out on the town with her arch nemesis, Lauren "L.C." Conrad.

Brody, who is reportedly dating Nicole Richie, was caught on camera entering hotspot Shag with Lauren, reports TMZ.com. The Laguna Beach reality stars, Lauren and Kristin, clashed in the first season when they both went after Stephen. Lauren went on to star in her own spin-off, The Hills, with Heidi Montag, who was also spotted at Shag on Monday night.

Brody, who enjoyed his own brief reality TV moment in The Princes of Malibu, took a break from force-feeding supposed girlfriend Nicole to party with the Laguna alums. A TMZ spy also witnessed him "getting close to a mysterious dirty blond, wavy-haired girl."

I don't see any hookups here guys. Just hot celebs out having a good time. Not to say Jenner did'nt wake up in the arms of a new skinny blonde in the morn or anything like that.

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Kutcher tops himself in 'Open Season'
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Ashton Kutcher's animated character beat his live-action one this weekend as Open Season topped The Guardian in theaters.

The latest animated talking animals flick (featuring the voices of Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence) grossed a decent $23.0 million from a huge 3,833 venues, a venue count usually reserved for the height of summer.

In second is Kutcher's second film in the top two, The Guardian. The Buena Vista action flick took in an okay $17.7 million from 3,241 venues.

Top Ten for Weekend of Sept. 29 - Oct 1, 2006
1. Open Season
2. The Guardian
3. Jackass Number Two
4. School for Scoundrels
5. Jet Li's Fearless
6. Gridiron Gang
7. The Illusionist
8. Flyboys
9. The Black Dahlia
10. Little Miss Sunshine



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Britney Spears: Rapper
Britney Spears is to rap on her next album.

Her producer, J.R. Rotem, has revealed her hip-hop plans and says the mum-of-two's fifth LP is going to be "crazy" and will take the 'Toxic' singer to "the next level".

He revealed to MTV: "I can tell you there's some dance stuff, there's some slow, more introspective stuff and some club tracks. She even raps a bit. Talk rap."

He added: "When she gets behind the microphone there's a magic that comes out - and the music that we're doing is the next level."

Rotem - who has previously worked with Destiny's Child and 50 Cent - also says Britney sees music as "a challenge" and always wants to better what she has done before.

He explained: "Our goal is to try to one-up the earlier stuff. How can we innovate? How can we make the type of music where the people are gonna go, 'Whoa, what's that?'"



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