Avril Lavigne vows next CD will be 'The Best Damn Thing'
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Canadian singer Avril Lavigne will release her third CD in April.

The singer revealed details of the album, entitled The Best Damn Thing, on her MySpace profile last Saturday.

Lavigne, 22, said the first single, "Girlfriend," will come out in February.

"I promise you guys will LOVE this record, it is my favorite one!!! And I can't wait!!!!!," Lavigne wrote. "It is really fast, fun, young, bratty, aggressive, confident, cocky in a playful way....all the good stuff."

Lavigne said the songs on The Best Damn Thing will make for a great live show. "That's what I had in mind while writing it!," Avril wrote online. "So because I am a touring artist and spend so much of my time playing live shows, I wanted to make sure the songs were fun. Fun for the fans and myself."

Lavigne said there are only three slow songs on the album, which she expected to finish working on this week. It is produced by Butch Walker, Rob Cavallo, Dr. Luke and her husband, Canadian rocker Deryck Whibley.



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Lindsay Lohan may make a home in New York
Lindsay Lohan may move to New York next year to get away from her “toxic” party scene lifestyle, according to a report in the New York Post.

An inside source told the newspaper’s Page Six that Lindsay is considering the move back to her birthplace after she finishes work on her new film 'I Know Who Killed Me'.

The source said: "When the shoot is over, she is going to focus her attention 100 percent on staying sober and building a more fruitful life [away from] "the toxic" L.A. scene with all those toxic people."

The newspaper added that Lindsay has been spotted out and about in Los Angeles nearly every night over the last few weeks, including a night out with on-and-off friend/enemy Paris Hilton last Thursday.



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Lohan Tells Mag: I'm Not Drinking
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Lindsay Lohan chats with People about her quest for sobriety.

"I just left an AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] meeting," Lindsay Lohan tells People magazine in a Dec. 12 interview. "I've been going to AA for a year, by the way."

Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnik, revealed earlier this month that the 20-year-old star, who has been a frequent target of tabloids for her partying ways, had been attending AA meetings.

Lohan is speaking as if she is making an effort to change her life.

"I haven't had a drink in seven days — or anything. I'm not even legal, too. So why would I?" she says in her People interview.

"I don't drink when I go to clubs. I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull," Lohan says.



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Nicole Richie arrested for DUI
Nicole Richie has been released on $15,000 bail after being arrested for driving under the influence in the early hours of Monday morning.

The socialite was spotted by two drivers then the California Highway Patrol in Burbank, California, driving the wrong way down a Los Angeles freeway on her way home from seeing new boyfriend Joel Madden. When officers approached the vehicle, Nicole’s SUV was parked in the carpool lane of the freeway facing in the right direction.

CHP officer Todd Workman revealed: “Someone could have been killed or seriously injured in a situation like this. She must have done a U-turn to change direction from eastbound to westbound, but she was at a complete stop in the carpool lane. Public safety was endangered.”

“She was alone in the vehicle. She said she was lost and had been trying to follow some friends, but there were no friends around,”

“She was disoriented, she wasn’t responsive to his questions and [the arresting officer] had to assist her out of the car and help walk her over to the passenger side of the vehicle and set her in there.”

The Highway Patrol officers then administered two field sobriety tests, which she failed, and then she reportedly admitted to having taken prescription painkiller Vicodin and having smoked marijuana during the evening.

Nicole was briefly jailed in nearby Glendale, California with her arrest record listing her as being 5′1 in height and weighing just 85lbs. An inside source at the station noted that she was “very cooperative and very humble” during her time there.

She has already reportedly hired attorney Howard Weitzman to represent her during the proceedings. She is due to appear in court later today.



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Britney Spears actually wears underwear for birthday night-out
Monday, December 04, 2006
After her antics over the last week(sorry we skipped blogging about it all), it does actually feel like news to say that Britney Spears wore underwear for her birthday night out over the weekend.

Britney turned 25 on Saturday and spent the day with eldest son Sean at the Los Angeles zoo. An onlooker revealed: “She was doing monkey impersonations. Sean thought it was hilarious.”

Meanwhile, new best friend Paris Hilton(you must have heard about that by now) was spotted buying the birthday girl some presents - necklaces, a dress and shirt, and a “Birthday Girl” tiara at celebrity-favourite boutique Kitson.

The two met up later, with Britney wearing a retro patterned mini-dress - and those knickers - for a meal and cake at Mr Chow’s in Hollywood before heading over to Hyde for a grown-up style party with Paris and Nicky Hilton, as well as other celebs such as Chris Rock and Fergie.

Brit looks great!! She's having fun and lovin' life...forget K-fed Brit!!



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