Eva Longoria On Relationship Rumors
Friday, September 29, 2006
"Desperate Housewives" star EVA LONGORIA has spoken out on relationship rumors about her and her boyfriend of nearly two years, San Antonio Spurs basketball star TONY PARKER.

Despite published reports that the couple have split, Eva's rep, LIZ ANDERSON, says: "'Eva and Tony are going through a very difficult time right now, just like any other couple with extremely demanding careers."

That does'nt sound good, but it does'nt exactly confirm anything...



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Lohan and Morton Reconcile
Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton reconcile... Lohan confirms the couple are back on after meeting for lunch yesterday.


(Video courtesy of TMZ.com)

Wow, that was a quick breakup and makeup!



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Esquire: Scarlett Johansson 'Sexiest'
Esquire magazine has just crowned Scarlett Johansson the "Sexiest Woman Alive."

On the cover, she wears a bra and a white Calvin Klein mini-dress. In a series of photos inside (showing her as an "enigmatic trailer-park temptress," the magazine says), she wears cleavage-baring black lingerie paired with an open white robe, among other get-ups.

Johansson says she would rather be admired for attributes other than sex appeal.

"What about my brain? What about my heart? What about my kidneys and my gallbladder?" she asks, addressing all the hoopla about her curves in an interview in the magazine.

No worries, Scarlett, I think people admire you for BOTH your attributes and sex appeal!



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Keira Knightley Has The Best Time
Keira Knightley is set to star in “The Best Time Of Our Lives,” based on a screenplay written by her mom, the playwright Sharman Macdonald.

Knightley has been attached since the project’s inception four years ago. John Maybury, who directed Knightley in “The Jacket,” will helm the feature set to go before the cameras in April, the week after Easter.

The film concerns the background to a real-life incident in 1945 involving Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and another couple: Vera Phillips, who was Thomas’s childhood friend, and her husband William Killick. Knightley is set to play Vera.



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Kristin Cavallari: Sexy Sorority Girl Role
Kristin Cavallari is making her biggest role yet ... as a sexy sorority girl.

That’s right, the Laguna Beach star is set to star in a remake of Revenge of the Nerds, which begins shooting in October, reports Robert Sanchez of IESB.net.

Charlie’s Angels” director McG, who is also one of the geniuses behind the popular teen show, The OC, is one of the producers. Among the writers is Adam Jay Epstein, who penned Not Another Teen Movie.

Cavallari’s character, Kailey, will put the nerds through their sexual-awakening paces as she twirls them around her finger, and she’s the best friend of the Pi Delta Pi sorority queen, played by Katie Cassidy.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think this movie will be hilarious!



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Avril Lavigne Apologizes To Fans
On Avril Lavigne's official website, you will find an apology from her to fans about her run-in with the paparazzi Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

"I'd like to sincerely apologize for my behavior with the Paparazzi. It's trying at best dealing with their insistent intrusions. I meant no offense to my fans, whose relationship I truly value. I have and will always go out of my way for my fans. My behavior was a reaction to the persistent attack from the paparazzi."

Guess fans were not too fond of Avril sharing her DNA with the paparazzi!



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Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton Split Up
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Despite Lindsay Lohan denying it, Harry Morton has revealed that he has split up from the actress.

The couple were rumoured to have broken up about a week ago but Lindsay’s publicist - and Lindsay herself - strongly denied the claim. Now Harry, appearing on Extra, has revealed: “We’re just sort of taking a little breather right now and slowing things down.”

“A lot of people started saying we’re engaged and it put a lot of pressure on things.”

“We need a little space… I’m a very private person. I’m sure she has dealt with [this publicity] for years but it puts a lot of pressure on me.”

Ah well, Lindsay is young. She'll find a new boyfriend to replace Morton soon enough.



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Avril Lavigne Spits On Paparazzi Again
What would make Avril Lavigne's night? How's about spitting at the paparazzi and getting a dirct hit, hitting a man square in the face!

It all started Tuesday night with Avril hocking a big nasty loogie at a TMZ.com cameraman outside Hyde nightclub. The cameraman was included in a bunch of photogs trying to get a shot of newlyweds, Avril Lavigne and husband Deryck Whibley, making out in the back of their SUV. This obviously pissed Lavigne off.

Avril then stuck her head out of the side window, and yelled "Hey f***head, come here" to the TMZ.com cameraman. What he ended up with, for walking over, was her saliva in his camera lens. Her friends then broke into mad laughter, with someone in the SUV calling Avril a "bad bitch" before driving off.

Proud of her new trick, Avril returned to Hyde nightclub the next night to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her husband and friends and to indulge in a repeat performance, this time, screaming: "Bitch!" as the ball of saliva hurled towards photographers. The singer took out one of the awaiting photogs with a wad of spit -- this time hitting the man square in the face.

Geez Avril, he just wanted a picture, not your DNA!



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Nicole Richie Moves To Escape Paparazzi
Monday, September 25, 2006
Nicole Richie is sick and tired of evil, spying photogs messing with her!

The Simple Life star has moved out of her Beverly Hills, California home to escape the paparazzi. She feels terrified by photogs that leap out of bushes and scare the daylights out of her everytime she leaves her house.

According to a source, Richie says, "I've had to move because of the paparazzi that sit outside and follow me wherever I go.

"Luckily I'm not one of those people who needs to have their make-up done when I walk out of my house. I just try to hang out with my friends and do what I would normally do.

"The other night I was leaving a friend's house and they popped out of the bushes. I thought I was getting mugged.

"Imagine a man jumping out at you holding a black object."

Hmmmmmmm. I'm wondering if the pizza prank had something to do with it too... Nah!

I'm not sure moving is really gonna help Nicole out. The evil photo taking jerks will surely hunt her down and start following her all over again. I mean, they have nothing better to do than mess with celebs with issues. Maybe she should just move-in with beau Brody.



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Bam Margera And Jessica Simpson Rumours
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Bam Margera and his Jackass co-star Steve-O have re-ignited rumours that Bam slept with JESSICA SIMPSON while she was filming The Dukes Of Hazard.

Appearing on the Howard Stern radio show on Tuesday(19SEP06), Bam said that his relationship was blown out of proportion, but admitted he "bumped into Simpson", which caused his fellow Jackass co-star STEVE-O to say suggestively, "Yeah, BUMPED into her!"

Bam then claims they "wound up at her parents house drinking margaritas and it went from there" and he "left at eight in the morning".

Howard Stern then asked Bam if Jessica looked good naked and he replied that she had a personal trainer for the film adding “Yeah, she looked good. I can’t deny that!”

Margera's former fiance, JENN RIVELL, told a Pennsylvania radio show in 2005 that Simpson and Margera had sex while the pop star was still married to NICK LACHEY.

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Katie Holmes To Play Victoria Beckham
Katie Holmes is reportedly set to play pal Victoria Beckham in a new film of her soccer superstar husband, David Beckham.

Holmes, 27, is said to be "moved" at the possibility of playing former Spice Girl (Posh Spice)Victoria, who she has become good friends with after miss Becks gave her advice while she was pregnant with daughter Suri.

It is believed Tom Cruise could produce the film or advise on the script. A British actor is being lined up to play former England captain David.

An insider says, "Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see and thought David's story was wonderful. A football star emerges from humble origins, there's drama within the matches and romance in his love affair with Victoria at the height of her pop star fame.

"At the time Tom was seeing quite a lot of David and Victoria. The quartet are very close friends and the Beckhams would only be happy about their story being used if Tom and Katie were involved."

"Katie is perfect to play the young Posh and is working on her accent. Tom wouldn't play David however, the physical differences are too marked."

Actors being tipped for the footballer's role include Paul Bettany and Jason Statham.

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Spears Gives Birth Second Son
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Britney Spears has given birth to her second son early Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital, according to several entertainment magazines.

Spears, with husband Kevin Federline, checked into the hospital under the fake name Pebbles on September 11th. I assume was most likely trying to throw people off.

The baby boy was delivered around 2 a.m.(Sept. 12th) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Us Weekly reported on its Web site Wednesday, citing an unnamed family source. The child was delivered by a scheduled Cesarean section procedure, People.com reported.

The new baby weighed in at 6lbs 11oz and was 19inches long.

The baby boy's big brother, Sean Preston, celebrates his birthday tomorrow, September 14th, turning one years old.

All I can say is...atleast Britney decided NOT to have the babies birth dates on the exact same date. I bet she'll have both babies celebrate their birthdays on the 13th, to make life a little easier on her.

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Nicole Richie Victim Of Pizza Prank
Monday, September 11, 2006
According to Life and Style Weekly, Nicole Richie seems to be the victim of a cruel pizza prank!

Some horrible prankster has been ordering pizzas and having them delivered to stick skinny Nicole late at night, and Richie's friends think her old pal Paris Hilton may be the jokester behind this little prank. We think it's the evil photogs, though!

“The stunt has Paris written all over it,” says one insider. “She can’t stand Nicole and loves that her former best friend is being ridiculed by people for her appearance. Sending pizzas is the kind of thing (Paris would) think was funny.”

Well, it may have actually done some good. According to TMZ, Nicole was seen walking into DeOrio Wellness Medical Center in Santa Monica on Friday. Clinic founder, Keith DeOrio, is known for his expertise in helping patients with weight issues, whether on the over or under side of the equation. However, DeOrio staff were not available to confirm Richie's visit or the reason for it.

Well, atleast Richie is seeking some sort of medical attention whether it be for mind, body or spirit. She needs something that will lead her back to being healthy.

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Mariah Carey Wins Big At Billboard Awards
Saturday, September 09, 2006
Mariah Carey won big at the 2006 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, held on Friday night, September 8, in Atlanta.

Carey proved to be the big winner of the evening. Billboard.com reports that she took home several awards at the ceremony, including top R&B/hip-hop artist in both the overall and female categories, hot R&B/hip-hop songs artist, top R&B/hip-hop albums artist and top R&B/hip-hop album for her multi-platinum set "The Emancipation of Mimi".

Wow, and I thought Mariah Carey was old news! Guess people still love the Diva.



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Diddy Forced To Change Name
Rap superstar SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS has been forced to change the 'Diddy' part of his name after being sued by a UK music producer also called Diddy, citing unfair competition.

"He changed his name to Diddy. I was gutted," Dearlove told the Guardian. "I started getting emails from Puerto Rican girls asking if they could be in my video and people were asking me to look at their clothing line."

As part of the settlement, which was sealed earlier this week in the high court, Combs agreed to pay £10,000 damages and more than £100,000 legal costs, although the final figure will be decided by the court.

The court settlement means he must rebrand himself in the UK.

Dearlove is known in clubland for his remixes of classics such as Blondie’s hit Atomic.



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50 Cent Arrested In New York
Friday, September 08, 2006
Rapper 50 Cent was arrested for traffic offenses while driving a silver, open-topped Lamborghini today Friday, September 8th.

According to several reports, 50 Cent was stopped by an officer in an unmarked car and ordered to produce his driver's license. He refused, staying in the car to make a call on his mobile phone. He was eventually detained to the Midtown South precinct on 35th Street, to escape the crowd of onlookers that had gathered, a few blocks away from the G-Unit Records offices.

The rapper, whose given name is Curtis Jackson, was cited for making an unsafe lane change, driving with an expired permit, driving without insurance and driving without a vehicle registration, a police spokesman said.

He was released and is due to appear in court at a unspecified later date.



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Kristin Gets Back At Nicole Richie
We've all heard the reports that Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner split up. You seen how skinny Kristin got too, right?

Well, guess Kristin was'nt skinny enough! Brody started dating the stick thin Nicole Richie.

Think that sat well with Kristin?? Don't think so. Even though she publicly wore a t-shirt that read "You Can Have Him" two weeks ago, she seems to have decided to get back at Richie by dating Nicole's ex, DJ AM(Adam Goldstein).

Rumors started circulating that the blonde-haired hottie has been snuggling up to the club DJ when the two were seen together at a Guess party in New York City on Tuesday night.

The couple arrived at around 9 p.m., made the grand red carpet entrance together and then had some fun in the VIP section before leaving less than a couple of hours later.

The two then partied well into the night, where they danced and enjoyed each other's company at Tenjune and Bungalow 8 until 3 a.m.

Guess Kristin will have her fun for now while teaching Richie a lesson.

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Lindsay Lohan Robbed In London
Thursday, September 07, 2006
According to TMZ.com, Lindsay Lohan was robbed at Heathrow Airport in London this afternoon, September 7, 2006.

Lindsay's rep, Leslie Sloane, confirmed to TMZ the theft occurred and that Lindsay is extremely upset about the loss of personal belongings. "She is begging for the return of the items," Sloane says. "She doesn't care how she gets them back, she just wants her stuff back."

Apparantly a Hermès Birkin bag containing a "quantity of jewelry", that may be worth over $1 million, was stolen from Lindsay. The bag also contained Lindsay's much needed asthma medication.

According to TMZ, Scotland Yard said they are investigating the matter but, as of yet, have no suspects.



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Spears To Give Birth Today?
Us Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears is set to give birth to her second child by Caesarian section today.

Husband, Kevin Federline, told reporters last month(August) that their second child together would be a Hallowe'en child and was due on October 31st, despite earlier comments that it would be a September birth.

Spears and Federline have reportedly scheduled the delivery at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center in California, today, just a week before their son Sean Preston's first birthday. Sean Preston was delivered via C-section at the same hospital last year on September 14th.

It was thought by many that Brit was having a little girl. However, a source quoted in Us Weekly claims the couple don’t know the sex of the child: "They have names picked for a boy and a girl."

According to a different source, Britney scheduled her C-Section for September 14th, the same day her first child was born a year ago. Now that would be a little strange Britney!!

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Paris Hilton Arrested For DUI
Paris Hilton has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence(DUI) after being spotted driving erratically in the early hours of this (Thursday) morning.

Paris said the incident had been blown out of proportion and that she may have been speeding to get a late-night burger.

Hilton had reportedly attended a charity fund-raiser party(US Weekly) and a nightclub after a long day shooting a music video and according to publicist Elliot Mintz, only had one drink, a margarita, over the entire evening.

"I had one margarita (and) was starving because I had not eaten all day," she reportedly said. "Maybe I was speeding a little bit and I got pulled over. I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In-N-Out Burger."

Paris was stopped at about 1 a.m. while driving herself and Kimberly Stewart home and found to have a blood alcohol level of .08, which is the minimum level for a DUI charge in California.

Police said Hilton failed a sobriety test but she has not been charged with any offence. That decision will be made by the Los Angles County District Attorney in the next few days.



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Simpson NOT dating Mayer
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Jessica Simpson opens up to Rosie O'Donnell, on her first day as new cohost on the View, about rumors that she is dating singer John Mayer.

Rosie then asked about the tabloid rumours about Jessica and John which made Jessica laugh and replied: "I love it that she just goes right there…. I’m actually not dating John Mayer."

"And [the tabloids] put this quote saying that I’m in love! You know, he’s my friend, I’ve known him for a couple years," she added.

So it is confirmed....Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are JUST friends. Well, I don't think they were a good match anyways!

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Say Hello To Suri Cruise, Finally
Beautiful little Suri Cruise, born in Los Angeles on April 17, made her public debut last night when Katie Couric showed pics of the four-month-old during her first night as anchor of CBS Evening News.

The photos of Suri and Hollywood parents, Tom Cruise,44, and Katie Holmes,27, were shot by famed photographer Annie Leibowitz and will appear in a 22-page special in Vanity Fair's October edition.

In the magazine Katie describes speculation about her baby and her family as "heartbreaking".

She told the magazine: "Some of the crap that’s out there, the stuff that’s said about my parents and my siblings (implying that they didn't approve of her relationship with Cruise, 44), it’s really frustrating the amount of s*** that’s out there. And the stuff they say about Suri? You shouldn't say that about us, and you can't say that about my child."

Keeping up with rumors..."This is my future. This is my family, and I care so much about them. To see how someone as caring and good as Tom is, to see how things can just get so twisted and turned around... where does it come from?"

Cruise, says of the baby: "She has Kate’s lips and eyes. I think she looks like Kate", while Holmes says: "I think she has Tom’s eyes. I think she looks like Tom."

Katie says of Suri, "She's a glorious girl. She's the miracle of our life."

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Simpson Opens Up About Marriage Breakup
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
In a new MTV special, Jessica Simpson speaks about her painful breakup to ex-husband, Nick Lachey.

The beautiful, 26-year-old blonde-haired singer broke down in tears as she recalled the pain she went through during the final stages of her marriage.

"It was that first moment of understanding why you have to let go of somebody in your life," she revealed in MTV's new special, "Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair," which airs Monday night.

Jessica got intimate about her love life and opened up about her very "Public Affair" with fans. She also revealed that to get through the difficult times, she turned to singing and her sister Ashlee for support.

"My sister was like, 'Jess, spend the night with me,' said Jessica.

Having Ashlee lend a shoulder to cry on, proved to be very helpful to the singer. Both women listened to tracks off of Jessica's new album together, including a very special song that was written about Nick - "Let Him Fly."

"So we listened to it together, and we boo-hooed. We both cried so hard. So this song, actually, I was going through a really hard time, a very hard time," revealed Jessica.

From the looks of it now, however, Simpson seems to be doing much better, as the special shows the singer looking sexier and sounding hotter than ever on her new CD.

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Beyonce Celebrates Birthday
Monday, September 04, 2006
Jay-z's beautiful girlfriend, Beyonce Knowles, got a special pre-birthday treat on Thursday, when her mother Tina cooked the singer's favorite meal for 600 of her friends.

Beyonce is celebrating her 25th birthday today(September 4th), but got a special surprise after MTV's VMA's when her mom teamed up with her boyfriend Jay-Z to pull off the surprise birthday meal.

Sources tell the New York Post's Page Six column, Tina spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen of Jay-Z's club 40/40 "cooking her secret family recipe of seafood gumbo."

Beyonce's 2nd solo album hits stores tomorrow(September 5th), B'day, which coincides with the celebration of her 25th birthday.

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Brad Pitt Slams Jolie Pregnancy Rumors
Brad Pitt has slammed rumors that girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, is pregnant with their second biological child.

In Touch Weekly's front page story claims the beautiful actress, 31, is sporting a "telltale bump" - three months after giving birth to her first biological child SHILOH NOUVEL.

Who cares!! Not all women lose their "mommy fat" in their belly 3 months after giving birth. Give her a break already!

Pitt's spokesperson tells the New York Daily News, "It's so stupid. That magazine is a joke."

It really is stupid, In Touch Weekly. Come up with a better story already.

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Keira Knightley Pays For Accepting Free Gifts
Actress Keira Knightley will have to shell out $1,843 in taxes after she accepted a chest full of freebies at a celebrity event in Los Angeles.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress attended the Silver Spoon Buffet, a ritzy charity dinner where it is customary to give well known celebrities presents in return for their endorsement.

Knightley received $10,800 worth of goods, including diamond earrings, a watch, a bikini and a cashmere jumper.

It is reported Keira remained unfazed when told by an advisor that she may have to pay a staggering charge for the "gifts".

An insider says, "Keira had a bit of a laugh when told she had to pay the tax. She's happy to do so."



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Paris Hilton Targeted By Banksy
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Graffiti artist Banksy has reportedly replaced 500 of Paris Hilton’s CDs with his own take on the heiress’s debut album.

His spokesperson told BBC News that Banksy has replaced the CDs with his own remixes entitled ‘Why am I Famous?’, ‘What Have I Done?’ and ‘What Am I For?’.

He also altered the pictures of her on the album cover to show her topless and with a dog’s head - but left the CDs barcodes intacted so that people could buy the CD without realising.

A spokeswoman for Banksy said he had doctored 500 copies of her debut album Paris in 48 record shops across the UK.

A spokesperson for HMV said seven doctored CDs had been recovered from their Brighton branch but no one, either there or elsewhere, had complained.

A spokesman for Virgin Megastores said staff were searching for affected CDs but it was proving hard to find them all.

"I have to take my hat off - it's a very good stunt," he added.



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Justin Performs On Ellen September 4 2006
To kick off the new fourth season of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Justin Timberlake sits down and dishes with Ellen and performs his new hit single, "Sexyback".

Justin performed in New York City's Central Park for thousands of fans. Infact, about 10,000 fans lined up for blocks and blocks starting at 7 a.m. and could not get in the park until 2:30 p.m. But I think fans did'nt mind the wait...I know I would'nt mind.

That's not the only thing Justin visited Ellen for. He also stopped by to address rumors the he and his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, had plans to wed soon. He confirms that the rumors are false.

Here's what Justin Timberlake told Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen asked "Should I get a bridesmaids dress now or not?"...

"Go ahead and reserve one," Justin said to thunderous applause. "The only thing is you'll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years!"

Check out Justin's performance when the new season of "Ellen" hits the airwaves Sept. 4, 2006.

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Justin Timberlake Lands Number One UK Hit
Mr. Sexy himself, Justin Timberlake, scored his first solo UK number one with Sexyback, knocking Beyonce and Jay-Z off the top of the British pop charts on Sunday. This is the first time in his solo career to have seized the top of the UK singles chart.

Here's this week's Top 10:

1 Justin Timberlake - 'Sexyback'
2 Shakira Ft Wyclef Jean - 'Hips Don't Lie'
3 Beyonce Ft Jay-Z - 'Déjà Vu'
4 Scissor Sisters - 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
5 The Fratellis - 'Chelsea Dagger'
6 Chamillionaire Ft Krayzie Bone - 'Ridin'
7 Snow Patrol - 'Chasing Cars'
8 David Guetta Vs The Egg - 'Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)'
9 Cassie - 'Me & U'
10 Cascada - 'Everytime We Touch'



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Simpson Sings Despite Doc's Orders
Saturday, September 02, 2006
Jessica Simpson sang for the first time on the Today show since injuring a vocal cord a week ago.

She only made it through the song "With You" before her voice cracked. She did make it through two of her songs on the Today show, despite doctor's orders earlier this week to rest her voice.

Simpson cancelled several prior tv appearances. However, she had managed to make it to MTV's TRL for an appearance to promote her new album. She was unable to perform on the show as it was thought that she had laryngitis, but she still had a great treat for fans. She gave all of her fans in the audience a free copy of her new cd, "A Public Affair", and she personally autographed each one.

Hopefully that busted blood vessel on her vocal cord heals soon. Would'nt want her to miss anymore appearances to promote her new album now.



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