Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?
Thursday, May 31, 2007
Christina Aguilera celebrated Memorial Day weekend with her husband, Jordan Bratman, and family. She was pictured carrying a baby, not her own of course, and she looked so happy. I think motherhood will come naturally for her and hubby, Jordan.

On May 30, Christina and Jordan were spotted out and about in LA. Christina looks to be covering her belly with a sweater. She seems to be doing her best not to move that sweater away from her stomach.

It's the right time for Christina to become a mommy! She is happily married, with a fabulous career and she's at a great baby making age!!

Could be a baby bump she's hiding, but that's pure speculation. We'll see if anything develops anytime soon...



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Britney Spears puking at Sky Bar
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Britney Spears is making bad headlines again! She reportedly ended up vomiting in the men’s toilets at Sky Bar Sunday night.

A source told TheSun that Britney arrived at the Sky Bar in the Mondrian Hotel with five friends and the group seemed to be having a good time until Britney disappeared about an hour later.

Security was called and said Britney needed urgent help as she was sick.

The source said: “Britney was found slumped over the toilet bowl with make-up smeared over her face and her wig hanging off.”

“She had a room booked at the hotel but was too ill to stay and was begging her bodyguard to take her home.”

“She looked a real mess and was sitting on the floor with her head over the bowl throwing up. There was vomit down the front of her black dress and around her mouth.”

“Britney was on her knees and must have been sick four or five times. She didn’t really seem with it, but I don’t know if she was drunk or not.”

The source added that Britney needed help leaving the hotel and as her bodyguard helped carry her out, she was overhead telling hotel staff: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment.”



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Britney Spears "hit rock bottom" in rehab
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Britney Spears says she "truly hit rock bottom" during a stint in rehab this year and told fans she did not blame her behavior on alcohol or depression.

Bel Air May 27

"I was like a bad kid running around with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)," she wrote on her Web site, "I confess, I was so lost."

"I think the whole problem was letting too many people into my life," the Brit Brit said. "You never know another person's intentions or what another person wants."

Earlier this year, Britney split from her second husband, aspiring rapper Kevin (K-fed) Federline, with whom she has two children. She entered Promises rehab facility after a spree of high-profile partying and erratic behavior such as shaving her head bald.

Spears told fans about having to "cut so many people out of my life" after learning that some were taking advantage of her vulnerability and her wealth.

Credit: celebutopia

"Some of the people in my life made more of some issues than was necessary," she said, citing as an example her hitting the party scene after her divorce.

"I think it is actually normal for a young girl to go out after a huge divorce. I think it was a bigger issue because I had not gone out in such a long time," said Spears.

After leaving rehab in March, which she described as a "humbling" experience, Spears completed a divorce agreement with Federline and fired her manager Larry Rudolph. Spears said she is now dealing with insecurities from her childhood.

Spears said she hoped her new letter would make people "think a little bit more of me and where I am coming from," adding that she tries to make herself numb to stories written about her rather than getting angry.

"I do see the world with a completely different set of eyes now," Spears said. "I do still have a lot to learn, and I am going to make mistakes everyday, and I am sure every mistake I make will probably be on CNN or Good Morning America."



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Lindsay Lohan candids: passed out drunk; carrying medicine
Monday, May 28, 2007
Lindsay Lohan was snapped may 27, 2007 carrying some sort of medicine. It may or may not be some kind of treatment for minor injuries related to her recent car crash.

These pics were taken after her DUI arrest and before her Memorial Day passed out drunk surprise.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Lindsay Lohan is on her way back into rehab!

After her wild weekend in which Lindsay was busted for DUI and crashed her car, she’s seeking treatment.

“She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do,” a close friend of the 20-year-old actress tells In Touch exclusively. “She is going willingly.”

Lindsay is due to check into Promises in Malibu this afternoon (LA-time) In Touch has learned. That is the facility that Britney Spears entered after shaving her head.

Last night, May 28, 2007 insiders at teddy's nightclub say Lindsay was partying as hard as ever at a 944 Magazine party and kept insisting she didn’t care about the consequences of her arrest when cocaine was discovered in her wrecked Mercedes convertible.

Lindsay was seen falling to her knees while bending over to pick up her cigarettes.

A bodyguard picked Lindsay up and placed her in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by her friend, disc jockey Samantha Ronson. Photogs snapped Lindsay passed out drunk while Samantha tried to wake her.

credit: dailymail; x17

This will be Lindsay’s second spell in rehab this year. She completed a 30-day course in the Wonderland rehab facility in Los Angeles on February 16.



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Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Video
Sunday, May 27, 2007 was there right before Lindsay Lohan's crash happened. Their photogs were following Lindsay around the whole night/morning of the accident.

The video published by the website shows Lindsay leaving the five-star Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip, where the actress tried to book a room for the night. After being told no rooms were available, Lindsay and her crew went back to Lindsay's apartment where a fight apparently broke out and Lindsay's friend, DJ Samantha Ronson, stormed out with Lindsay following after her. Once Lindsay convinced Samantha to get in the car, Lindsay sped off west down Sunset Boulevard and lost control of her car, crashing over a sidewalk into trees.

Lindsay gets out of her car and tries to run to safety at a nearby house, trying to get away from the paparazzi. In the video you can hear Lindsy Lohan say "Stop It!" basically telling the paparazzi to leave her alone and she sounds scared. Sound like she also said, someone hit her car.



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Lindsay Lohan DUI Car Crash Video
Saturday, May 26, 2007 has published a video of Lindsay Lohan's WILD Friday Night which led to a car crash and Lohan's arrest.

Lindsay started the night at Les Deux nightclub in her black GMC SUV, driven by her bodyguard Jaz around midnight. Around 3 am, Lindsay heads to a private house party and then onto Skybar around 4 am.

5:00 am rolls around and Lindsay Lohan decides to call it a night, heading back to her condo, driven by Jaz, to pick up her own car, the black Mercedes SL 65 convertible.

5:15, Lindsay crashes her car over a curb on Sunset Boulevard, just a few blocks from her house. 10 minutes later, Lindsay heads for the hospital with minor injuries related to the crash. 5 minutes after that Beverly Hills Police get a call about the accident and Lindsay is issued a citation.

Click Here to see video...




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Lindsay Lohan: Arrested DUI Cocaine
Lindsay Lohan was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Saturday after her convertible struck a curb, and investigators found what they believe is cocaine at the scene, police said.


Lindsay Lohan, 20, and two other people were in her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 when it crashed on Sunset Boulevard around 5:30 a.m., Sgt. Mike Foxen said. It appeared Lohan was speeding, Lt. Mitch McCann said at an afternoon news conference.

Officers at the scene found a "usable amount" of a drug tentatively identified as cocaine, McCann said. He declined to say where the drug was found other than to say Lohan was not carrying it.

Lohan, who spent time at a rehabilitation center earlier this year, was driven in another car to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries, McCann said. The two other people in her car were not hurt.

Officers received a 911 call about the accident and arrested Lohan at the hospital for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, McCann said.

She was released from custody because she was admitted to the hospital, police said.

Lohan will have to appear in court to answer the citation, first reported by X17.



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Lindsay Lohan: new face of Jill Stuart
Thursday, May 24, 2007
Lindsay Lohan is the new face of designer Jill Stuart's print ad campaign.


Lohan will now be endorsing some contemporary sportswear designs.

Stuart insisted that Lindsay Lohan, who recently shot an ad campaign for the line with Mario Sorrenti in Tokyo, was the best person to represent the brand.

"I can't say enough fantastic things about Lindsay. She is sexy and smart, exactly what the Jill Stuart woman embodies," quoted Stuart, as saying.

"Mario's photographs capture Lindsay's sensual beauty and Jill's modern fashion, and his choice of black and white adds glamour and intrigue to the images," Tim Schifter said.

He also insisted that Lohan was a good choice as the company's face.

"[Lindsay] resonates with the contemporary consumer on many levels," he added.



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Reality Lasik with Kristin Cavallari
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
I stumbled across while looking for some news on one of my favorite reality stars, Kristin Cavallari. Found more information...

RealityLASIK documented Kristin Cavallari's pursuit of the latest in vision correction surgery and her decision to ultimately undergoing Advanced CustomVue LASIK with the IntraLase Method.

"Kristin had made the decision to have LASIK surgery and approached us with the idea of documenting her own experience as a fun way to speak to her fans and others considering the procedure," said Lauren Kanner, AMO's global director of consumer market development. "The medical industry is always looking for ways to earn the public's trust. The very nature of a reality-based program is to draw the audience in, and we thought this was an engaging opportunity for people to live the LASIK surgery experience through Kristin's eyes, not ours."

Cavallari added, "I am a person with real questions, fears, and ultimately, extreme elation with the end result. AMO gave me the freedom to tell my story, on my terms, with my own friends and family using my own cameras."

Reality crews followed Kristin Cavallari's every LASIK move over a one month time span, capturing her first doctor's visit, the advanced blade-free LASIK procedure, and the post-op visits.

Kristin spoke of her vision frustrations while filming.

"My frustration with my vision began in sixth grade with my first pair
of glasses and didn't get any better with my first pair of contacts two
years later," said Cavallari. "No matter how you look at it, glasses and
contacts are a huge inconvenience, especially when you're young."

Episode 1: My Vision
Episode 2: To See Or Not to See
Episode 3: Does It Hurt?
Episode 4: Coming Soon
Episode 5: Coming Soon

Check out Kristin on video talking about the procedure...

Check out Kristin's lasik blog...



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Jessica Alba stopped by LA's finest
Who got busted by LA's finest? Looks like Jessica Alba got herself in a little trouble for having no license plate and heavily tinted windows.

According to, Alba tried to blame it all on the paparazzi. Well she's gotta hide her identity somehow, right? Nah! What she needs to realize is she can run, but she can't hide from the hounding paparazzos.

photo credit: CU asked sources on the scene about the incident and they say Alba was handed a citation anyways. Damn Jessica, you join the rest of the celebs who think they're above the law!



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Mischa Barton: "Le Scaphandre et le Papillon" Premiere
Mischa Barton struttin' her stuff down the red carpet at the "Le Scaphandre et le Papillon" premiere during the 60th Cannes Film Festival...

She nearly had a wardrobe malfunction again!

Photo credit: CelebUtopia



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Jessica Biel candids: vegetable lover
Jessica Biel has her eye on a vegetable delight...radishes. Could be she's shopping for healthy fixins to make supper for rumored boyfriend, Justin Timberlake...

photo credit: palpatine CelebUtopia

Healthy diet = hot sexy body!



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Britney Spears looking HOT bikini May 2007
Monday, May 21, 2007
Britney Spears is getting her body back in shape and she looks HOT in this little black bikini...

Going for a dip in the pool at her hotel.

Partying after her Miami concert...

photo credit: CelebUtopia

Not sure what she's doing here!



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Britney Spears Orlando Show A Mess
Sunday, May 20, 2007
Britney could have learned a good lesson from Ashlee Simpson, as last night she found out the hard way.

Spears was in Orlando, where she was performing at the House of Blues for a sold out crowd. Britney was caught lip synching. According to multiple sources, while Britney was singing “Do Something” the track skipped a couple of times. Several audience members began booing and the scene wasn’t pretty. Sources say Britney turned her back at this point and she looked humiliated.

However Britney contained herself, got back on her feet and began lip synching again. The crowd was chanting, chanting "Britney! Britney! Britney” and all was fine until another mishap occurred. Britney’s headset microphone broke.

But after wrapping up her set with a short version of "Toxic," the pop star came toward the edge of the stage, adjusted her mic and said, "I love you, Orlando. Thank you so much for being here. You're awesome. I love you!" Then she blew a kiss and punctuated it with her famous "muah!"



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Hilary Duff Zootopia Concert
Hilary Duff at Z100's Zootopia concert in New York...

Hilary showing off her sexy butt...



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Kristin Cavallari Speedy Collection Preview Party
Here's Kristin Cavallari at the Preview Party for the New Speedy Collection. She looks HOT in just a tank top and good fitting pair of jeans...

photo credit:



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Chanel Cruise Show: Lindsay Lohan, Elisha Cuthbert, Emmy Rossum...
Stars come out for the Chanel Cruise Show.

Emmy Rossum always looking pretty...

Lindsay Lohan looking sexy in her little black dress...

Elisha Cuthbert looks cute as can be..

Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes hangin out looking hot...

Olsen Twins, Asley Olsen looking hot...

Devon Aoki in a little black dress as well...

Camilla Belle looking lovely...

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