Lindsay Lohan DUI Car Crash Video
Saturday, May 26, 2007 has published a video of Lindsay Lohan's WILD Friday Night which led to a car crash and Lohan's arrest.

Lindsay started the night at Les Deux nightclub in her black GMC SUV, driven by her bodyguard Jaz around midnight. Around 3 am, Lindsay heads to a private house party and then onto Skybar around 4 am.

5:00 am rolls around and Lindsay Lohan decides to call it a night, heading back to her condo, driven by Jaz, to pick up her own car, the black Mercedes SL 65 convertible.

5:15, Lindsay crashes her car over a curb on Sunset Boulevard, just a few blocks from her house. 10 minutes later, Lindsay heads for the hospital with minor injuries related to the crash. 5 minutes after that Beverly Hills Police get a call about the accident and Lindsay is issued a citation.

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