Nicole Richie Victim Of Pizza Prank
Monday, September 11, 2006
According to Life and Style Weekly, Nicole Richie seems to be the victim of a cruel pizza prank!

Some horrible prankster has been ordering pizzas and having them delivered to stick skinny Nicole late at night, and Richie's friends think her old pal Paris Hilton may be the jokester behind this little prank. We think it's the evil photogs, though!

“The stunt has Paris written all over it,” says one insider. “She can’t stand Nicole and loves that her former best friend is being ridiculed by people for her appearance. Sending pizzas is the kind of thing (Paris would) think was funny.”

Well, it may have actually done some good. According to TMZ, Nicole was seen walking into DeOrio Wellness Medical Center in Santa Monica on Friday. Clinic founder, Keith DeOrio, is known for his expertise in helping patients with weight issues, whether on the over or under side of the equation. However, DeOrio staff were not available to confirm Richie's visit or the reason for it.

Well, atleast Richie is seeking some sort of medical attention whether it be for mind, body or spirit. She needs something that will lead her back to being healthy.

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