Brooke Hogan Interview: Talks Aaron Carter, Paul Wall...
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
In a recent interview Brooke Hogan was asked if friend Aaron Carter was thrown out of her house by her father, Hulk Hogan.

Brooke said, "Oh yeah! [Aaron] tried to date me and my dad kind of saw right through him and he was like, "No dude. You are definitely not hanging out here." But Aaron's a really cool kid. Aaron's really, really nice and he's a really cool guy."

When asked if Aaron tried to ask her out, Brooke said, "Yeah, we met at an airport and we started hanging out and stuff, and when he came over to my house, my dad was like, "Absolutely not!"

Some other quotes from the interview:

- "On iTunes on September 26th you can buy the album(Undiscovered). If you want a sneak peak and you don't care about the pictures inside the album and you just want the music. So that's iTunes on the 26th of September. And then the actual album with all the pictures and lyrics and merchandise pages and stuff, comes out on October 24th."

- "I did a photo shoot for FHM, a little racy but we kept it tasteful. I didn't do anything racy but it's a racy magazine. I have the cover for FHM coming out in November."

- "Meanwhile Paul Wall and my dad are talking about wrestling and laughing and stuff and Scott Storch was in there on the beat for "About Us." Paul was like, "Man, who is this singing, and what is this song?" He goes, "That's a really hot beat!" And my dad says, "That's my daughter." So he goes, "No kidding! Yo, can I be on it?!" (laughs) So he started writing the song on his sidekick, and when I walked back in to record again, Paul Wall was recording in the booth, on my song. I was like, "You gotta be kidding me!"

- "L.A. and New York I feel like are kind of getting washed up, in the music part. New York I think is more for, like, the modeling and fashion and publicity and stuff… it's great for that. L.A. is good for, more like, rock music."



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