Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer: haunted in real life!
Monday, October 09, 2006
According to the star of 'Ghost Whisperer', Jennifer Love Hewitt, the drama set is haunted, and those on the other side are making no secret about it to the cast and crew.

Jennifer plays a woman who can contact the dead and believes some of these spooky spirits are lurking around in real life too. Suddenly, she says, lights will flash and shatter right before your very eyes.

She told new talk show host Megan Mullally, "We've had lights move, literally three and a half inches to the left, as you're sitting there the lights move. We've had lights burst over actors' heads when they're playing people who don't believe in ghosts. A light will burst into a million pieces right over them."

She says the not-so-friendly ghosts make people think twice about guest-starring on the show, but for the cast and crew there is simply nothing to worry about. They actually find all the spookiness and fright entertaining.

She added, "People are like, 'We're not guest-starring on that show!' But for us as a crew we're kind of like, 'Awesome! Maybe they (the ghosts) are with us.'"



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