Paris Hilton: Enjoying Being Single
Saturday, October 07, 2006
Paris Hilton claims she's single and loving it!

Lately miss Hilton has been linked to both Travis Barker and Andy Roddick. However, she claims she is not dating anyone at this time.

Paris told LuxeLife: "There’s no serious dating anybody at the moment. I’m flying fancy free and enjoying being single and solo."

"It’s a time for me to have a lot of friends and not get tied down with somebody serious."

OK, so like I said before....she's just spreading herself and her body amongst as many men as she possibly can! Why stick with one guy when she can play with many. And if she's not sleeping with any of them, then maybe she has a blow-up doll to play with as well, so she can be a huge tease with the fellas.



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