Paris Hilton Dating Andy Roddick?
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Paris Hilton is rumoured to be dating tennis player Andy Roddick after being spotted with him twice in a week.

The two were spotted at the Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles last week and at the Tao and Pure club in Las Vegas over the weekend.

An onlooker at Pure told the Sun: “They were snuggling up to each other while drinking Grey Goose vodka and shots of Patron.”

“They were clearly a couple. She was very touchy-feely and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.”

“After a couple of hours they left together.”

Personally I think Paris is not dating any ONE guy. I think she is trying to spread herself across as many guys as possible. I mean, eventually people will lose interest in her and move on to hotter celebs...right?? So, she needs to make her moves while she's still a little hot!



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