Kutcher tops himself in 'Open Season'
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Ashton Kutcher's animated character beat his live-action one this weekend as Open Season topped The Guardian in theaters.

The latest animated talking animals flick (featuring the voices of Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence) grossed a decent $23.0 million from a huge 3,833 venues, a venue count usually reserved for the height of summer.

In second is Kutcher's second film in the top two, The Guardian. The Buena Vista action flick took in an okay $17.7 million from 3,241 venues.

Top Ten for Weekend of Sept. 29 - Oct 1, 2006
1. Open Season
2. The Guardian
3. Jackass Number Two
4. School for Scoundrels
5. Jet Li's Fearless
6. Gridiron Gang
7. The Illusionist
8. Flyboys
9. The Black Dahlia
10. Little Miss Sunshine



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