Brody Jenner Spotted With Lauren Conrad
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Kristin Cavallari's ex, Brody Jenner, has been spotted out on the town with her arch nemesis, Lauren "L.C." Conrad.

Brody, who is reportedly dating Nicole Richie, was caught on camera entering hotspot Shag with Lauren, reports The Laguna Beach reality stars, Lauren and Kristin, clashed in the first season when they both went after Stephen. Lauren went on to star in her own spin-off, The Hills, with Heidi Montag, who was also spotted at Shag on Monday night.

Brody, who enjoyed his own brief reality TV moment in The Princes of Malibu, took a break from force-feeding supposed girlfriend Nicole to party with the Laguna alums. A TMZ spy also witnessed him "getting close to a mysterious dirty blond, wavy-haired girl."

I don't see any hookups here guys. Just hot celebs out having a good time. Not to say Jenner did'nt wake up in the arms of a new skinny blonde in the morn or anything like that.

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