President Bush Outraged: Paris Hilton's Drug Stash
Monday, October 09, 2006
Celebutante Paris Hilton has brought down the wrath of President George W. Bush after her makeup kit was photographed holding what appeared to be a baggie of marijuana.

"We cannot have role models like Ms. Hilton flaunting the drug laws of our allies in the war against terrorism," said Mr. Bush, noting that earlier this year Italy had approved a law that not only increases sanctions against people who smoke marijuana but also puts the drug on a par with cocaine and heroin.

"Ms. Hilton will have more than the pavorattis waiting for her the next time she visits a rap club," the president added.

Paris's publicist, Elliot Mintz, said there were any number of "perfectly reasonable" explanations for the presence of the baggie in Hilton's bag.

"Maybe she had a prescription for medical marijuana from her doctor," said Mr. Mintz. "Maybe Shanna Moakler or Zeta Graff put it there. Or maybe Paris brought it with her from Amsterdam, where pot is legal."

Paris loves the chronic!



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