Paris Hilton real "simple life" soap opera
Monday, May 07, 2007
Paris Hilton heads for the real "simple life" when she checks into a Los Angeles County jail next month to do time for violating her probation.

Hilton was visibly shocked and tearful when a judge imposed the sentence, later calling it "cruel and unwarranted."

Some are saying this will add to Hilton's popularity. HUH?

"It will actually increase her star appeal in a very sick and demented way," said longtime publicist Michael Levine. "There's a segment of our society that's somehow engaged in the soap opera that is Paris Hilton, and this a very compelling plot line in the soap opera."

People do love soap opera's.

Here are some past soap opera pictures for you Paris lovers....



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At 5/07/2007 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous
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