Hilary Duff Stranger Video
Friday, June 01, 2007
I love Hilary Duff's new music video, 'Stranger'! She looks so sexy. Check out the video...

In Hilary Duff News...

  • Hilary Duff was spotted at hotspot nightclub Hyde Lounge with sis Haylie and Entourage's Kevin Connolly. Hilary was having a ball, dancing around and lip-synching to '80s remixes. Also making the scene: Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and Calum Best.

  • Hilary Duff set to perform at video awards. Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff are among the performers set to play the MuchMusic Video Awards on June 17. All the Canadian headliners, including fergie and Maroon 5, are from Ontario. In a first, one of the artists will play from the roof of the MuchMusic home office in downtown Toronto.

  • Lohan And Duff Friends Again. The feud between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff is over. Duff says she ended all the "weird weirdness" between them. "Lindsay and I were out at the same place, and we were like, 'Let's get this out of the way.' And she was really nice, and I was really nice," the Hilary told Canada's Globe and Mail. Duff says the whole thing reminds her of her high school years when she was shooting her television series and friends would share their "intense" dramas. "They'd say, 'Oh my god, you'll never believe what this guy did,' and I'd be like, 'Hmm, we just shot an episode about that last week.' But it's nice to be able to see Lindsay out and say hi, and not have this weird weirdness."



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