Zwinky Dress Up Young Hollywood
Sunday, December 16, 2007
By now, you may already know what a Zwinky is. For those who do not already know, a Zwinky is basically a picture of you turned into a cartoon character that you can share with friends on Myspace and similar social communities. You take your cartoon, boy or girl, Zwinkey and change certain aspects of their appearance to match your own personal style. You can customize their clothing, hair color, hair style, accessories and more. It's fun creating yourself in virtual cyberspace.

Some people do not like to create their Zwinky to match their own persona, however. They'd rather create a Zwinkee that is a completely different from themselves. You can make yourself look more trendy, glamorous or just plain cool. If someone does not fit in with a popular crowd in real life, they certainly can in Zwinktopia World. You can be whoever you want with the style that you choose.

There is more to Zwinky than simply creating the character itself. You can actually customize them according to your mood. So, if you're happy, your Zwinkie can be happy too. If you are having a horrible day, you can take it out on your Zwinky and put them in a bad mood too.

Your Zwinky comes with an embed code for you to place on your favorite online social communities such as Myspace and Xanga. You can also embed the code on your own blog or website to share with visitors. No matter where you place the code, the moment that you change the appearance of your Zwinky, all sites in which the avatar is currently being displayed will be updated automatically.

The Zwinky web site is, itself, a social community. You can make friends and chat in the virtual world of Zwinktopia. Your Zwinky will have it's own profile that is also customizable in this virtual online world. Use your profile to keep track of friends, messages and your wardrobe. Earn more and more clothing and accessories by using your Zwinky to roam around the world, chat with other users and engage in activities to earn Zbucks, the virtual currency of Zwinktopia.

Zwinky cheats help you get more Zbucks, Zchievements and lots more on Zwinky. Great cheat codes are available for Zwinky online games, such as the Alfapets game. You can download something called an anagram master that will give you all the words you need to solve the anagram. There are also cheats for hiding your Zwinky below the Zwinky desktop and cheats for "sub" games. You can find these and other cheats by searching one of the major online search engines.

Now Zwinky has gone Teen Hollywood and Young Hollywood! You can find artists such as Aly & AJ, Chris Brown, 50 cent and Kelly Rowland with profiles on Zwinky. Join Zwinky and exchange profiles so you can chat with your favorite artists in the virtual world of Zwinky.

It's free and easy to create a Zwinky. Simply download, customize and share with friends. Zwinky dolls are fun to dress up and the games are fun too.

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