Miley Cyrus makes Forbes Top 20 Under 25
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Forbes has published its annual "20 Under 25: The Top-Earning Young Superstars" list and Miley Cyrus has ranked on the list at #18 on the list, right above miss popularity herself, Lindsay Lohan.

1. LeBron James, $27 million
2. Reggie Bush, $24 million
3. Maria Sharapova, $23 million
4. Michelle Wie, $19 million
5. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, $17 million each
6. Daniel Radcliffe, $15 million
7. Hilary Duff, $12 million
8. Avril Lavigne, $12 million
9. Carmelo Anthony, $10 million
10. Keira Knightley, $9 million
11. Carrie Underwood, $7 million
12. Scarlett Johansson, $5 million
13. Mischa Barton, $4.5 million
14. Dakota Fanning, $4 million
15. Emma Watson, $4 million
16. Rupert Grint, $4 million
17. Miley Cyrus, $3.5 million
18. Lindsay Lohan, $3.5 million
19. Mandy Moore, $3.5 million
20. Frankie Muniz, $3 million

I think Miley should rank closer to the top by next year. I mean she has the Hannah Montana Show, she's on her dads, Billy Ray Cyrus, show and she has a worldwide concert (best of both worlds tour).... and not to mention her popular cd that little girls just love, which she has promoted on MTV TRL show. Oh, and she has a 3D movie of her concerts that is selling out super fast!

Hilary Duff sure has a good position on the list! That girl is PAID!

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